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Pump Housings

A pump is a mechanical device that provides sufficient pressure to move the fluid through the system at the desired flow rate. It is therefore a means of transforming mechanical work into fluid energy. Pumps can broadly be classified as centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps. By far, centrifugal pumps are the most used pumps.

What are Pump Housings?

Simply put, pump housings are cast components that house the pump. A pump can be extremely miniature or massive. But irrespective of its size, all pumps primarily function by accepting some fluid through the inlet and sending it through the outlet after boosting its pressure. Pump housing is the casing that encloses all the parts that comprise the working of a pump. Pump housings are imperative wherever the pump is exposed to the elements. A good example where sturdy pump housing is required is the submersible pump.

Pump housing is one of the costliest parts of the pump, and should be chosen with care.

Choosing proper pump housing directly affects its reliability and uptime. Properly casted pump housing also plays an important role in improving its performance. In many systems, the pumps accept extremely hot or extremely cold fluids. Therefore, the choice of material is also important.

Casting of Pump Housings

Pump housings contribute to the cost of the pump to a major extent. There are various challenges that a pump housing casting manufacturer faces. One of the most important challenges is the corrosion due to the fluid. While casting the pump housing, the manufacturer must ensure that the walls of the pump housing are sturdy enough to withstand the pressure and stresses imposed on the pump. The casting manufacturer also needs to ensure that the pump housing casting material is resistant to corrosion. The diameter of the pump housing should be large enough to accommodate the pump with enough clearance for installation and efficient operation.

Material used for Pump Housings

Ductile cast iron is one of the most popular casting materials for pump housing. However, they can be made of cast iron or gray iron as well. Cast iron housings especially tend to resist wear very well and require replacement less often.
Typically, once the pump housing casting manufacturer received a CAD drawing, moulds are created of the required material the pump housing cast to the required tolerance.

Pump Housing – Testing

Pumps and pump housings undergo a lot of wear and tear due to the nature of these components. It is hence essential to test both of these entities for fatigue, corrosion and reduction in thickness. There are regular laboratories that undertake such test of pump housings.