Cast Iron, S.G. Iron Castings, Ductile Iron & Machined Components from Foundries, India

Qualitas Exports (India) is the one-stop-solution for engineering components (especially castings and machined components) requiring multiple manufacturing processes. We are a bona fide 100% EOU from India with more than 15 years of experience in castings and machined components. We are process driven and work closely with foundries for consistent quality of all types of cast iron, ductile iron and machined components. Our range of sourced foundry castings include ductile iron castings, S.G.I. castings, gray iron castings, machined castings, forging, machining, gear cutting, surface finishing, heat treatment and assembly.

Globalization is the fact of our time and global supply chains are under immense pressure than ever before to deliver the right product of right quality at the right time with the right cost. We strive to be your trusted partners from India in your supply chain to achieve the target of the right casting product of right quality at the right time and the right cost. We are extremely quality conscious and a 100% EOU for castings and machined components. What is more, we take complete responsibility of the quality of castings and machined components that we export, and maintain complete transparency in business.

We are single window in India for all your foundryrequirements of ductile, SG, gray iron, machine castings, machined engineering components from 4 grams to 5000 kg apiece. All your components are delivered to you as a consolidated package.

A few of our customers include....

  • Gardner Denver Ltd. - England - Machined Castings
  • Powell UK Ltd. - England - Aluminium castings, brass castings, insulators
  • Rotork Fluid Systems s.r.l. - Italy - Ductile iron castings, housings, yokes, machined components
  • KTR Kupplingstechnik GmbH + KG - Deutschland - Iron castings, ductile iron castings, couplings, machined components
  • Borger GmbH - Deutschland - Iron castings, machined components, pump rotors
  • Gieβ Technik Ungrun GmbH & Co. KG - Deutschland - Iron castings, ductile iron castings, machined components
  • KRG AG - Switzerland - Investment castings, iron castings, ductile iron castings, machined components, power tool components
  • The Toro Company - Machined components & castings
  • Ditch Witch ( Charles Machine ) - Machined ductile iron castings & components
  • Eagle Quest International Inc. - Iron casting components

Why Qualitas for Foundry Castings & Machined Components?

  • 100% export oriented company from India for ductile iron castings / S.G. iron castings, gray iron castings, machined castings and machined components

  • Qualitas is extremely quality conscious - we have 15 years of rich experience of supplying engineering castings and machined components to OE manufacturers in Western Europe and Americas. We tie-up with only the best foundries in India

  • Renowned clients from UK, Deutschland, Italy, France Switzerland, USA & Canada for machined components and foundry castings.

We Manufacture / Supply Foundry Items like:

  • Ductile iron castings / S.G. iron castings
  • Gray iron castings
  • Machined castings
  • Machined components
  • Spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears, worm gears
  • Pump housings
  • Valve bodies
  • Windmill hub
  • Gear case
  • Flywheel flanges
  • Rotors

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is backed by extensive experience in the engineering field, a sound administrative department, quality assurance and logistics infrastructure.

We specialize in manufacturing / supplying ductile iron castings and gray iron castings for our US and European customers.

We also export machined components from India to USA & Europe.


Castings Basics

Casting is a mechanical process whereby a molten metal or its alloy is poured in a mould and allowed to solidify.

Casting of Ductile Iron

Cast iron essentially is an iron-carbon alloy. The percentage of carbon in cast iron is greater than 2%.

Machined Components

Human beings cannot survive without machines today. Most of the products that require mass production or precision...

Inoculation of Cast Iron

Inoculation is an important process in the production of cast iron. Essentially, inoculation means fast cooling of the cast iron production to enhance its qualities.