QC control lab for iron castings and machined components

Our Process

We have separate teams of engineers for tooling development, process development for production planning and control of casting / forging, machining, quality assurance and packing / forwarding. We also have dedicated personnel for quality systems. Once we receive order for tooling development, our development team gathers all the information regarding the customer requirements (from drawings, specification sheets and pre-development communications with customer's technical personnel). We then develop tooling in co-ordination with the manufacturing personnel and tooling manufacturers so that the tooling developed shall produce the machined components that meet the customer's quality requirements. The process development team in co-ordination with the manufacturing personnel develops methoding systems and gating systems for the castings. Our machining process engineers develop the fixturing, cutting tools selection and generate toolpaths. They supervise and control complete development process till the acceptance of the samples at the customer end. At the same time, our quality team generates quality plans, ascertain the requirements of quality equipments, gauges and checking methods for the particular machined component. Once we receive the approval of samples, our production planning and control team takes over. They plan the production with the manufacturing sites and co-ordinate between multiple stages of production (casting / forging, machining, heat treatment etc.). The complete PPC is handled through ERP system. Any delay or change in planning has immediate feedback, response and re-planning system.

Our QA team inspects the machined components / castings in-process (on surprise as well as on planned basis) and final stage of production. We procure the components only after pre-dispatch inspection of components by our QA personnel and dispatch them to our overseas customers.

We completely own quality responsibility of the castings and other machined components exported by us.

Complete Transparency in Business

  • Overseas customers know who the actual manufacturing sites are ( foundry/ forger, machine shop)
  • Manufacturing personnel know who the end customer is
  • The customer can visit the manufacturing facilities anytime along with our personnel.
  • The customer's QA personnel can audit the manufacturing facility on planned basis
  • We give reference of our existing customers in your country along with their contact details. The customer can speak to them about the quality of our castings and machined components.
  • Along with each quotation and price finalization, we give the currency conversion details used for this quotation. If there is fluctuation beyond +/- 5% we request for adjustment in prices accordingly for further purchase orders. The same applies to the base rate.